Sunday 2 July 2017

Gucci Marmont Purse

I am finally revealing my first ever Gucci purchase and boy am I excited. A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and literally bought the purse of my dreams. As corny as it sounds, I fell head over heels with everything about it. I first saw it around January time and for a good 4 months, every time I went into Selfridges I would long fully stare at it. This was my first big treat to myself since qualifying last September. If you have read my blog for a while, you will know it takes a lot for my to part with my cash, as big purchases are something I have to think long and hard about and I definitely did with this.

The purse in all of its glory to me speaks for itself. I love it. It is called the Gucci marmont leather french flap wallet and costs £300. Pink has been my absolute favourite colour since a child, and has been ever since. For weeks I was trying to convince myself to get the black, as it is a more functional and versatile colour. However, I came to the conclusion if I was spending such a vast amount of money, I wanted it to be my perfect purse so I simply had to go with my heart and that was with choosing the pink. I wanted a purse that was smaller than what I have at the moment, but would fit it all my coins, notes and cards in with ease and without having to seriously having to downsize the contents. Inside there is plenty of room for cards, there is a notes slot, and at the front of the purse is a section with a snap closure for coins. I love the classic GG design on the front, it is why I went for this exact style. The gold hardware complements the pink beautifully. It is nothing to big or in your face, and that is exactly what I intended to buy.

I have loved the entire Gucci Marmont collection, and some of their bags are simply stunning. You have to be realistic though, and I know I will get my moneys worth out of this purse. I seriously struggled to get my hands on this, and the sales assistant in Selfridge's told me the entire collection has been a huge hit, and they only get a few of each product in. I ordered this from Gucci online and I was super happy with the service. When it arrived I was so smiley, and as silly as it sounds I felt a little overwhelmed. I felt as though I had really worked hard for it, and this was just a little present to myself.

I love this, will treasure it, and will definitely take good care of it. As you can probably tell I am treating this purse as my baby!



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