Wednesday 14 March 2018

German Supermarket Haul

In my Hamburg travel post, I mentioned that there was a supermarket which we went a little crazy in. We had been on a hot and stuffy bus tour for 2 hours, and when we got off we were very thirsty. We went into this supermarket called Rossmann for just a quick drink, but our eyes were instantly drawn in to the confectionery aisle.

Firstly, we found some cute little chocolate bars with bunnies imprinted in them. I don't know what it is, but when you are in a different country the prospect of trying new chocolate is just so exciting. I bought one bar for myself and two for little presents for my friends. These were just 0.69 each. I also bought two big chocolate bunnies for presents for my grandparents, but unfortunately one got entirely smashed on the way home as they are hollow.

On the way to the makeup aisle which I had spied at the back of the store, I stumbled across an entire stand dedicated to lip balms. I have been buying lip balms left, right and centre recently as my lips are so dry. I was really intrigued by this lip balm which cost just 0.40, it was on promotion and I wanted to test it out. There was a really great array of brands in Rossmann, and I was really impressed by the amount of makeup on offer. I only had a few minutes to have a look, as my sister knows I can spend quite a long time browsing the aisles. I saw that there was a Catrice stand, and was instantly drawn in. I have bought a few items from Cartice previously when I have been on holiday in Italy, but the brand is unfortunately not sold in the UK. First of all, I picked up their liquid camouflage full coverage concealer. I am always on the hunt for new drugstore concealers which are great, so I shall be putting this to the test shortly. I also picked up one of their liquid metal everlasting cream eyeshadows in the shade daily dose of rose, as with one swatch of the tester it looked incredible. It was shiny and shimmering rather than glittery and it felt silky soft to apply. Both of the makeup items were 3.95 each.

Whilst waiting in the queue to pay I did a bit of panic buying, throwing into my basket anything and everything which looked vaguely interesting. I added to my basket the Haribo bunnies as these just looked so cute, and the Orbit strawberry chewing gum. Everything which I bought came to 17 which I think is really good value for everything I got.



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