Wednesday 29 August 2018

Colourpop Lip Haul

Top to bottom - here's 2 u, new rules, renman, london fog and tight fit.

So the story goes a little bit like this.. there was a Colourpop sale on, I couldn't resist and then five lip products magically appeared at my front door a week later.

I hadn't actually bought any new lip products in ages, so I was really excited when I placed this order. As usual the service was really easy. A few years ago when I placed my first order I wrote a post about how the shipping works and the best way to avoid pay taxes and extra costs.

This was the first time I have bought any type of glosses from Colourpop but I was instantly drawn in by here's 2 u.  It is a stunning prismatic pink shade which has a high shine finish. This is a great girly lipgloss which reminds me of the glittery shade I would always pick as a child. This is not too sticky and makes your lips look much fuller and juicy. Tight fit is also an ultra glossy lip gloss but this has peachy metallic finish which has a pink shimmer running through it. This is a much more full-coverage gloss which is very shiny. I wore this the night it arrived, and I can tell you that I already know I am going to loveeeee this. I wore it with a nude lipstick and the combination was beautiful. I was totally feeling the duo together and I already know it is going to be a go-to product.

I didn't own many red lip products prior to this order, maybe 2 or 3 max. I thought it was time to broaden my lip collection and introduce two at once. The first is london fog which is a classic true red. I think I prefer a red which is a little brighter and mid toned due to my fair colours. I also picked up renman which is a true blue red, which I can imagine wearing on a sunny day with a cocktail in my hand. I am really excited to try both of these, they are both ultra satin finishes which is my favourite finish that they offer. They dry down to a comfortable matte which still has some shine to it. The pigmentation is always incredible and I have never been disappointed with any lip products which I have ever bought from this line.

I first ordered a lippie stix on the whim as a last minute addition to an order. I was intrigued as to what they were, and how they worked. I think these may be my favourite lip product which Colourpop sell. They are described as a matte finish, but I do not enjoy a truly matte finish on my lips at all. I find them way too dry and uncomfortable, but these are super creamy and have a velvety feel to them. It is a very unique but also such an incredible formula, unlike anything else out there on the beauty market. They contain shea butter and vitamin e to create the silky feel when applied to the lips. New rules is a dark dusty mauve which made my eyes light up when I swatched it. I really love dark pink shades and this is going to be a great addition to my others.



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