Wednesday 22 August 2018

Roaccutane Months 4 - 6

I cannot believe I am approaching the end of month 6 of my roaccutane regime. Time has absolutely flown by, and thankfully my side effects haven't really changed or worsened as time has gone on. My lips are still as dry as the desert, but some vaseline aloe vera has saved my life on a daily basis. I think I currently have five of these on the go at the moment, dotted around my bedroom and in every handbag that I use.

I have had some some eczema-type patches appear especially when the weather has been boiling. I think it simply because my skin is so dry and sensitive. It turns into a dry rash but I have been using my Child's Farm baby moisturiser (post) and it has been helping to rehydrate the skin.

I mentioned in my last update that my dermatologist had put me on the bigger 50mg dose and that I had been getting horrific headaches. I decided to go back down to the 40mg, and when I had my 4 month appointment my dermatologist said I had made the decisions and I will continue on 40mg for the rest of my treatment. I have found that the headaches have definitely way laid and I have been much happier.

I went for my six month appointment a week early last week due me to going on holiday. I saw the consultant dermatologist who was the doctor who finally listened and gave me the option of starting roaccutane back in February. As he hadn't seen me since I had started the treatment he asked me how I felt I was getting on. I said I was happy and I felt as though the spots were now coming at a much slower rate than previously. He was very open and said I want you to come back to me in two months and say I haven't had a new spot in one month. He said until I get to that point the spots will continue to come back post treatment. I liked how honest he was with me, he said the spots will still come back post treatment but hopefully at a much more slower rate and not the way they were before. I want to finish this treatment spot - free. He said at month eight's appointment in October he is hoping I will have just one more month, and my treatment will be completed at nine months.

I am honestly so happy to have made it to month six, and I am hoping the next three months do not bring any complications. I am delighted with how my skin is progressing, and seeing the change is definitely what is pursuing me to carrying on. The end is definitely in sight



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