Sunday 9 March 2014

Contents Of My Going Out Handbag

This is the contents of my handbag which I took out with my on Saturday night. My handbag is from H&M and has panel of black faux fur covering the front side, and the rest of the bag is made out of faux black leather. It comes with a thick, long gold chain and has a matching gold zip.

Purse - The most important piece in anyone's handbag. This lovely Ness purse was a gift form my parents for Christmas as I love the brand, and the tartan is pink and green. The pocket on the front is real leather and really adds a nice detail to the purse. It is also a great size for a night out as you can easily fit all of the essentials in it. I find that you need to carry quite a few cards around with you, I have my key card to my house, my bank card, my ID and  my uni card. Then you also need to fit your money in your purse and I find I can fit all of this is quite easily, my normal purse is big and it never fits in my handbags when I am going out. This cute pocket purse is such a handy size and takes barely any room up in your handbag.

Deodorant - Absolute essential for a night out, you can get so hot whilst dancing, it is nice to pop to the bathroom and freshen up. This is my favourite deodorant as it lasts a long time and has a nice floral scent. The great thing about this though is the size of the of the canister. It is one of Sure's new compressed canisters where you get the same amount of product it is just much smaller, meaning you can carry it around easily and it easily fitted into my bag.

Lipstick - I decided to test run the Revlon Colorburst. Unapologetic was the colour which I choose to go with. It is a lovely bright coral colour and looks nice and vibrant and definitely made my outfit stand out more. It did have a good lasting power and the colour did say on, however it did get quite dry on my lips so a fresh layer was needed. But I really love this, and I overall love the Colorbursts they are great and so, so easy to apply. I loved this aspect on my night out as with one swish you had topped up the colour instantly and the crayon nib makes the application as simple as possible.

Powder and Brush - I like to take my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish out with me on a night out, as it can get quite hot and sweaty on a crowded dancefloor. Apply a fresh application of powder can instantly mattify your face and make you look refreshed in an instant. Brush - simple to apply the powder.

Eyeliner - My new favourite eyeliner got its first outing on Saturday night. It comes from Rimmels new line and it has a micro tip which makes application very easy. I only carried this with me in case of a watery eye emergency, but I did actually reapply very lightly to the corner of my eyes as I found it got a little dry on the edges of my eye.

Comb - Everyone always ask me for a comb, so this is one of the main reasons it gets a spot in my handbag. But also because I like to quickly comb my hair through just to add a bit of life and make sure nothings flying out of place.

Lipbalm - I have had dried lips recently and I have been trying to keep on top of keeping them hydrated. This is the best lipbalm I own and it is very moisturising and instantly gives my lips the boost that they need.

I think compared to some people my handbag is pretty light on a night out, I hate having loads of things in my handbag on a night out as I just constantly worry that I have lost something and also you do not want an overflowing handbag.



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