Tuesday 11 March 2014

February Favourites

I know that it is quite a few days into March, but it took me a while to gather everything together, and decide what I have been absolutely loving in February.

MAC Bronzer: This month's rediscovery is this bronzer from MAC. My Nars Laguna has been my staple since Christmas, but whilst I was at home I found this and brought it back to uni with me and I have really been loving it. It is a studio careblend/pressed and the colour is Lush Light Bronze. If you have pale skin like me it gives a lovely all over glow, and I think it is a little bit lighter and has a more orange undertone in comparison with Laguna which I really like.

Rimmel Nail Varnish: I did a review on this nail varnish last month, and I am still loving it. The colour is a lovely dark pink with a subtle purple within it. It is glittery and is an overall very girly colour. I love the brush on this, it is thick and makes application super easy. The varnish is long lasting and you can build it up to create a more intense colour.

MAC Eyeshadow: Arghh another rediscovery MAC's Retrospeck. This is such a beautiful colour and is a favourite amongst many. This was the first ever MAC eyeshadow that I bought and I definitely did well for a first pick! It is a great gold colour with glitter running throughout it. For an everyday look it is perfect to create a base on the lid, or some days I simply cover the entire lid in this and just pop on a few layers of mascara. For a more intense look I put this all over the eyelid and then put my all time favourite Wookwinked in the crease and on the outer edges, it is the perfect combination.

Revlon Matte Balm: Definitely my best discovery of February. Revlon has launched a new range of Colorburst Balm's, it consists of lacquer and matte balms. I picked up two of the lacquer balms and then one matte balm. In the past I have not been a fan of matte balms as I find they can look quite dry on the lips, and I do usually go for a more glossy look day to day. However, I was so surprised at how much I loved this matte balm. I think it is partly due to how much I love the colour which is Unapologetic, it is a lovely bright coral and I do not feel like it is too bright for a daytime look. I have been wearing it with a subtle base and eye combination, and then the vibrant pop of colour on the lips looks great for spring. It is also great for the night time and appeared in my Contents Of My Going Out Handbag post. Another great thing to this product is its easy application, it is so, so simple to put on with the crayon nib and it is so easy to just top up on the go. I recommend these to anyone wanting to try something new and for £7.99 they are a great dupe for the Clinque Chubby Sticks.

MAC Powder: The MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural has been a staple powder for me for a long time. I wear this in Medium which is the perfect colour to match my complexion. I love how sheer the powder is but it provides great coverage, and does not look too cakey on the skin. I have not found another powder as good as this and I will continue to use it as I just cannot get enough of it. As you can see I have not got much of this left, and I am torn with whether to break a habit and try something new. But I love it so much, I will be so disappointed if I try something new and it is not as good.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss: I am still loving the lipglosses from Tanya Burr's recent launch, I did a blog post on this and reviewed the two lipglosses which I picked up. I had been using Picnic In The Park the most out of the two which I bought, but for the last few weeks I have been wearing Aurora on a daily basis. It is a great gloss to go over practically any lipstick; I have kept it in handbag all month and it is great as it is so easy to reapply as it has a great wand for application. I find that with just one application you have created a lovely glossy look to the the lips. It is a highly pigmented pink shade and has a slight shimmer running through it.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick: This has been on my lips with rotation of my Revlon Balms all month. I simply adore it, I mentioned buying this product in my Selfridge's Haul. It comes from Bobbi Brown's new Amnesia Rose Collection and the colour of this beauty is Cosmic Lily. I am going to do an individual post on this later this week because it is simply stunning. It costs £22 which is very expensive, but in this instance money really did buy quality. The colour is dark pink but with purple undertones, it is a great colour for spring and I do not find it too intense to wear during the day. Putting this on and then Aurora on top, it is simply the perfect combination.

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